Gender equality workshops

fEMPOWER runs workshops on how to recognise and challenge gender inequality. Our workshops cover a range of material but centre on the harmful effects of gender stereotypes. In particular, how they are linked to violence against women, participation in the workplace and societal expectations more broadly. We pride ourselves on tailoring our workshops to the needs of different schools and have run various workshops in public, private, comprehensive, single sex and selective schools.

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fEMPOWER is based in Sydney and Melbourne but operates throughout NSW and Victoria. We are happy to run workshops at all schools, but have a particular interest in schools in low socio-economic areas and those with culturally and linguistically diverse students. Our workshop facilitators are volunteers, but we request a compulsory donation from schools to cover our costs.

How to host

Get involved

Our organisation’s work is reliant on the contributions of our wonderful volunteers. Volunteers must attend a training session before they can facilitate a workshop. We take volunteers of all genders and ages. Volunteering with us is a relatively flexible commitment as we allow you to opt in or out of workshop opportunities as they arise.



We started as a grassroots organisation operated out of the University of Sydney. Since then, it is the consistent support of community members that has allowed us to expand our program and deliver workshops at more disadvantaged schools in NSW. Donations help us with travel costs, hosting our volunteer training and creating workshop material.

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Hosting fEMPOWER workshops at Penrith High School was a massively rewarding experience for our school community. Students have continued to discuss issues surrounding feminism well after we waved the fEMPOWER team goodbye.

Georgia Wilson Williams, Penrith High School student

The workshop really made an impact on our students who were discussing the issues long after the day ended. The resources and examples used were excellent and we will definitely be asking fEMPOWER back next year.

Anne Vogelnest, Riverside Girls High School teacher

The conversations I’ve had with school kids have been very inspiring – I wish I’d been able to participate in something similar when I was in school!

Liam Thorne, Ally Action volunteer

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